“The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

I personally can’t imagine a world without animals. They not only have every right to coexist with us, but also they should be treated with all love, compassion and care. Without animals we may slip into a gulf of loneliness and our very existence may even be threatened. That’s why our value system and standards of belief and virtue must include how we live with animals as well as how we treat animals.

Animals can be some of our bestest friends. They’re undoubtedly loyal to us. They unconditionally love us and serve us. Moreover, they can also defend and die for us.
Hence, they have been used as a metaphors and examples to teach us positive values, behavior and aspirations. Furthermore they show us many positive ways to live and love our life.

For instance let’s bring our first and foremost “impawtant” friend, dogs. So dogs always welcome us with open heart and with more excitement than many humans. They also show more love and affection than many of our pals ( including our friends, relatives and even family members).
Whenever we go through a setback our dogs hold our back. They never laugh at us or look down on us. They can share our pain a sorrow (just like Jack and Rose, you jump I jump). They may also do all sort of funny tricks and even make a fool of themselves just to console us and to make us laugh. They have the capacity to take us out of some miserable situations.

Anway coming to the point, animals never plan to hurt or destroy us also they don’t even invent and deploy weapons of mass destruction to have a war with us.
We can’t pose nobility and dignity if we do not extend it to the animal kingdom. Neither we can claim to have love in our heart if we have no love for animals. If we don’t realize that animals can also suffer the same amount of pain and sorrow like us then we can never be truly in touch with our soul.
Therefore we must be sensitive and empathetic with our beloved animals also. Instead of being neutral we should defend animals when they’re being badly treated. When they’re abused, we should never stand by and do nothing about it, this showcase no humanity.
Perhaps the golden rule should also apply here, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you “.
Here I would like to write one quotation from Immanuel Kant;
“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”.
For all the virtues and strength that we have, we make ourselves less of a human when we abuse animals. We lower ourselves to one of the lowest denominators when we perform all sort of barbaric and wicked acts on them.
When we save animals, protect them and learn to live with them with all love and affection then we’re not just keeping our humanity alive but also we demonstrate an act of compassion, kindness and inspiration to our younger ones and younger’s younger ones. Thus we can also have behind a wonderful legacy of working towards a better world and making world a better place to live for every single creature.

Thank you for reading:)

I hope you’ll not think twice before implementing this in your life.

My opinion on women self defence.

“I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence.” – Malcolm X

Let me preface this by saying, I haven’t spent much time in or around women’s defence classes, so my experience is limited. But I’ve noticed two fairly common, though not universal, shortcomings. Note that this is not exclusive to women’s defense classes.

  • The first thing is that the class focuses on what to do when it’s too late, and not enough on prevention. They don’t cover situational awareness, reading body language, reading terrain, or having two or three escape routes planned. All the things you do to avoid a situation in the first place.
  • The second thing is that they teach to fight philosophy wrong. Let me explain, either they’re too much “girl power, rawrr! ” and think that the average woman can overpower the average man by main strength. Or they rely too much on tricks that are hard to pull off when a woman is ambushed and near panicking.

Instead, they should focus on a set of simple skills that will work in almost all situations, and teach a mindset that, the very moment you decide that you’re in danger and can’t run away, you deliver overwhelping brutal violence as quickly as possible. Don’t wait for him to lay on hands. Don’t wait for him to lay on hands. Don’t be polite.
Be rude, fight like he’s going to rape you to death, going to eat your flesh, and sew your skin into his clothing. Don’t stop fighting until he’s down hard, then break contact and flee.

Certainly plenty of self defense classes do teach exactly this. Nevertheless I’ve seen or sometimes heard from many that focuses far too much on building up “confidence ” rather than teaching people how to deliberately break another human being with purposefull violence.
Further, the class cannot be a one or two session seminar. It takes conditioning and repeated drill, and sparring against larger men who are not going to play nice.

Somewhat related to this, I saw few fencing videos. Specifically, the introductory course, and for regular classes. I noticed a new trend, mostly with the women. They were doing solo drills just fine, but when it comes time to do partner drills, they were…. just gentle! They won’t hit their partners with vigor.

So one of their female teacher developed a special drill. She line everyone up, put on her mask, and order her students to stab her on her face. At first they lack sufficient vigor so she shouted at them to do it again like they mean it. This usually got them over the initial hesitation to hit each other.

This is all to say that contact drills and sparring must be part of a self defense class. One must, especially with women, condition them to violence. Women are generally conditioned in most societies to be gentle. The class must overcome that.

So,  all this said that some classes are absolute trash, designed to make women feel good and separate them from their pay. Others are rock solid, however they take greater time and commitment.

Thank you for reading.

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